Semi-automatic filling machine: the Eurofüller

for individual bags

  • The automatic Eurofüller filling machine is design to fill bags.
  • The bag spigot is fitted into the holding claw manually. After starting the machine, the bag is automatically opened, filled and sealed again. The bag is then ready for packaging.
  • The setting of the machine can be changed for a different bag format in just a few minutes. All that has to be done is to adjust the height of the conveyor belt and to set the filling quantity to the number of litres required.
  • The machine is designed in such a way that the necessary tools (specialist apparatus) can be switched for another sealing system in the shortest time possible. Alongside the production program, the machine also has a separate cleaning program (C.I.P.). The accompanying adapter allows the machine to be connected to the power supply.
    • All components for production are made out of stainless steel or food safe materials.
    • Machine stands, covers, and components for the filling tank are made out of stainless steel or rust-resistant materials.
    • The electrical controls and the pneumatic valves are housed in a spacious electric control box.
    • We also take requests for custom designs.

Technical data:

  • Fill area: 3 ... 20 litres
  • Compressed air: 6 bar (Festo components)
  • Voltage/current: 230V (50Hz)/ 16A
  • Control voltage 24V
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  Eurofüller Information Pamphlet (PDF)

  Eurofüller Flyer (PDF)
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