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About the company

Your partner in bag-in-box filling machines for 30 years and counting

Oettel Maschinen GmbH has been constructing and manufacturing filling machines for various needs, mainly for the food and drink industry, for over 30 years. Our main focus is on bag-in-box filling machines. Starting with small, semi-automatic filling machines such as the Eurofüller for small mustard manufacturers to fully automated filling systems such as the A 4001 SO for large-scale industry in the food and drink sector, we cover the entire spectrum. Our range of fully automated sealing systems includes the KV 901 box sealer.

Another area that was brought into our repertoire after Paul Alt took the helm of Oettel Maschinen GmbH is specialist machinery. Alongside specialist machines for widely different industrial needs and tasks, we manufacture optical and tactile test systems and test devices as well as handling systems, either individually constructed or tailored to clients’ requirements or at our site in Thalfang.