Optical and tactile test systems and devices

One of Oettel Maschinen’s key skills is developing, designing, planning, and manufacturing optical and tactile test systems and devices. By integrating cutting-edge measuring and testing methods, we create highly efficient systems to suit the needs of our clients which guarantee cost-effective production of multiple high quality components for almost any industry.

In doing so, we capitalise on fully automated, high precision measurements and contactless, optical checks of the components and test parts. The implementation of image processing has proved to have a great impact in this regard. Very fast cycles and extensive test requirements have now made manual visual inspection impossible. Only self-sufficient, high precision components that can be seamlessly integrated into the machine’s design are able to assume the mantle and ensure consistent high quality. The company Oettel Maschinen is a master in this field and is able to draw on a wealth of experience in tactile test systems equipped with integrated inspection systems of various types. We can offer you the best conditions for working out the perfect solution for your task. Give us a challenge - we’ll gladly accept!

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